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Our Umbrella (Yang x MaleReader) Normal AU
In response to the fact that a lot
and I do mean A LOT
Want's that raven x male reader insert
I thereby give you!
YangxReader! :)
BTW this is normal Au so no grimm ;p
(y/n) POV
“Hey!” I heard an audible scream ring behind me followed by a smack behind the head, enough to knock my head off balance from my palm “Wake up, lazy boy” As gravity took my head, I go back to complete consciousness, snapping into reality and out of my dream world. “Seriously?” the voice continued “Sleeping at your first day of school, how uncaring can you get?”
Chuckling to myself, I slightly turn my head to the only one who’d dare do something like that to me. “I wouldn’t call it uncaring” I smirked as I looked at her “I prefer ‘laid back’ ”
I stood up, stretching my legs, back and arms as I talked
:iconelementron:elementron 29 14
Mature content
Cold Hearted - Warm Souled Disowned!Weiss x Male R :iconnsjv19:NSJV19 31 30
Fixing a Broken Heart (Weiss X Mreader)
AN: Request from Ethanhampshire Might as well do one, before I go right back into series. It just keeps dragging me back in. XD
About you: You are Weiss’s best friend. Pair of you have been so since childhood, and came with her to Beacon. And yes, you are in love with her. But on the day you plan to tell her, another beat you to it. Neptune. He asked her pout and Weiss said yes. So now you are friendzone. But for long?
You dual-wield a pair of short swords that change into dual pistols. Your semblance is teleportation, but you look like a black mist when you use it. (Like Reaper)
(Your POV)
I sat in my room, staring at the ceiling. I just sighed, thinking about Weiss again. She and I have been friends since childhood. I knew her better than anyone here, and yet that blue haired, ‘ladies
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 50 59
The Electrical Soldier
Ruby POV
We were in the library playing a board game with team JNPR when suddenly I was called to the office.
Weiss: "Ruby what did you?"
Ruby: "I-I didn't do anything I swear!"
I was promptly shushed for screaming after I said that.
Blake: "Then why are you being called down?"
Ruby: "I don't know."
Yang: "Just go. We'll play your turn for you."
I left. When I arrived at the office Glynda had me follow her to a secluded location.
When I arrived I saw general Ironwood, and professor Ozpin looking at an unconscious boy through a window.
Ozpin: "Glad you could make it Ms. Rose."
Ruby: "Who's that?"
Ozpin: "Well... we don't know exactly. All we know is that he's responsible for the streets of Atlas being practically crime free for the longest time."
Ironwood: "Not to mention the fact that his aura level is off the charts."
Ruby: "What's his semblance?"
Ozpin: "It appears to have something to do with electricity. We tried delivering a controlled shock to test his aura strength only t
:iconvantal:Vantal 33 30
Mature content
Shocking Passion (Akeno X Mreader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 41 46
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 5
Sorry for the little delay, but here is part 5! :D
Just a fair warning, I might be finishing this series with 6 parts total, which would mean the next episode is the finale... I haven't decided yet, but that's just to let you guys know :D
Anyway, let's get to it! :D
You woke up the next morning feeling well rested... You got up, changed out of your pajamas, and went to go see the General, since your job here after all was to keep an eye on Penny and if she has any more problems with her weapons, figure out what they are.
*knock knock*
Ironwood: Come in.
You slowly opened the door.
Ironwood: (y/n), you look well rested...
(y/n): Thanks... So, what's my job today?
Ironwood simply chuckled.
Ironwood: You've done your job (y/n)... As long as no more further problems occur to Penny's gear, you're basically on vacation at this point.
(y/n): Oh.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 51 67
Male!Delinquent!Reader x Hungary - Chapter 1

I have now decided that the reader will get Hungary! Should the reader have a signature weapon like Hungary’s Frying Pan? I was thinking a shotgun, but I’m willing to hear your suggestion. I also apologize for this being short because I was opening two booster boxes for Yu-Gi-Oh.
Walking into the chemistry room, I saw that everyone was conversing with one another, so I took a seat down behind an Asian kid reading a comic backward. I know the proper term for it…I think it was…mango? No, it was manga! I think I’ll stick to the stuff I know. The other people were sitting in desks that were relative to their position and I felt a weight on my lap as I was checking my phone, but I dismissed it as nothing until someone violently coughed next to me, so I faced him without taking my eyes off the phone because I was still reading some fanfiction…what?! It’s interesting!
???: I think you’re in my girl
:iconpopdood:popdood 25 12
Mature content
A Knight in a White Shirt (Rias X Mreader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 45 93
The King and Queens Pet (Rias X Mreader X Akeno)
AN: So, I have reached 400 watchers. Awesome. Anyway, I have not watch Highschool DxD it is on the list, but I have read enough fanfiction and got the lay down of it. Anyway, for the purpose of this harem, I won’t be getting heavy into any Angel-Devil stuff. (Or none at all. So meh.)
About you: You are an average college student, you aren’t really anything special. Then having a Devil and her half-breed friend after you.
Enjoy! (And good luck XD)
(Third Person)
(FN) sat on a bench in the school courtyard. He was currently reading a little between class, and enjoying the nice sunny day. He smiled and leaned back on the bench, only for his head to press against something. It didn’t take him a second to realize who it was. “How is my little (FN)~” Akeno cooed in t
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 52 41
Mature content
Highschool DxD: Kalawarner x MReader - Chapter 2 :iconfabiur:FabiuR 9 10
Conjured Love (Erza X Mreader)
AN: Funny how now, whenever I watch a new anime, I expect to get one or two Waifus. And here’s one. Erza Scarlett.
About you: You are a Wizard of the Fairy Tale Guild. Your magic is mainly conjuration based. Your main spells being summoning a bow made of Aether and turning your familiar into different forms. But you can also use other types, such as fire and ice to enhance the power of your arrows. Anyway, you joined Fairy Tale a few months back, and already, you caught the attention of someone.
Your outfit, but in whatever color you like:
And you do not have the staff.
(Third Person)
It was another day at the Fairy Tale Guild. People were ether drinking, relaxing, or watching Nats
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 40 38
Widowmaker x M!Reader x Sombra || Competition P. 1
Widowmaker x Male!Reader x Sombra
Requested by: :iconcrazyman54:
It’d always been a long time battle between the two ever since (y/n) came along for his affections and surprisingly…he’d yet to realize it. At least…if he did, he acted oblivious. Sombra sighed as she watched the man go by, a slight smile on her face. Today has to be the day! I need to win him over already I can’t let the spider catch him in her web, she thought as she felt a determination rise in her. She quickly went after him, calling for him, “Oi, (y/n)! Chico, I need to talk to you!” “What is it now, Sombra?” he sighed as he’d grown tired of her constant pestering the last few weeks. “Aye, no need to be so cold, you’re gonna become Gabe if you keep that up!” she said with a smirk. “I just wanted to know if you’d care to have lunch together.”
“I don’t think that’d be an issue,” he said.
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 32 13
Highschool DxD: Kalawarner x MReader - Chapter 1
Hello guys. Chapter 1 of my new story, with a little preview of your sacred gear and what it does. This chapter will have a flashback as a way of telling what happened to you. I intend only to keep Kalawarner as your girlfriend, if there is some other secondary girl you would like to see, you can suggest her. Personally I was thinking about Yubelluna, Siris or Isabella, from Riser's peearage. But we'll see. And thanks to those who favourited the story and commented. As always feel free to comment if you enjoyed, you are free to leave suggestions and other stuff. Take care guys. :)
(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
(F/N) - Father's Name
(M/N) - Mother's Name
(F/C) - Favourite Colour
(FM/C) - Family Crest
Kuoh City, Japan
Everyone was gathered in the Occult Research Club around the small table in the middle of the room, while Akeno poured the tea in everyone’s cups
:iconfabiur:FabiuR 13 16
Full Metal Chpt 8 (Sinon X Mreader)
AN: Almost done guys, you excited?
(Real World, Your POV)
I had gotten a text during school from Biotic, saying that Kisi had finish planning, so hence why I am pretty much sprinting home. I quickly texted Shino what is going on and she told me she was about to log in. When I got home, I quickly changed and jumped into bed. And quickly logged in.
I opened my eyes and sat up. I opened the door and Sinon was leaning against the wall. Biotic, Kirito and Emily were already in the hall too. “Are we waiting for something?” I asked. “Yeah, Kisi is telling the other teams their part of the plan.” Emily said. “She has something special for us.”
“Alright you five, come down.” Kisi said and we headed down stairs. She stood by a table with her hands on it. A map of the factory was on the table. “So, guess we are
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 14 9
Amber x Male reader! True love never dies.
Hello everyone! :D
This is my 600 watcher special! I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given me...
7 months ago... I wouldn't have imagined that I would've made it this far... And now I feel so blessed to have all of you supporting and reading my work...
Words can't really describe how I truly feel about all of you... You are all so amazing! :D :D :D
Alright! Now that my eyes are done sweating... Let's get on with it! :D
ONTO THE READ! :D     (this is kinda long FYI)
(BTW, this is taking place 1 year before team RWBY and friends come to Beacon)
(y/n): Wha?
You looked at your scroll from your bed.
*8:50 AM*
(y/n): Shit shit shit!
You jump out of your bed, and realize the rest of your team isn't there.
(y/n): Figures the dickheads would leave me here to miss the big day! They must've turned my alarm c
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 72 106
Heart of the Beast (CocoxWerewolfReader) P3
You were in class with your teammates, and were taking notes. You were trying to focus on the work but you couldn't the feeling of anxiety to go away.
Tonight was a full moon, and there were so many people in the school, it would be a massacre.
When the bell rang you packed up your stuff and you quickly left.
Cole: "What's going on man? You look spooked."
(Y/N): "Tonight's a full moon. I gotta find some way to keep myself from changing. Because I don't think they're gonna have a cage for me."
Cole: "Don't worry man. You've been at this for your whole life. You'll find a way."
(You only transform when the full moons light touches your skin.)
You left and quickly went to your dorm skipping lunch. You went into your bag and got some chains out.
(Y/N): "I'm not gonna take any chances."
You were setting up the chains on your bed to restrain you when you you heard a knock on the door.
You opened it to see it was Coco.
Coco: "Hey Y/N! Why didn't you come down to lunch?"
(Y/N): "Tonight
:iconvantal:Vantal 18 14




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