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Hinata Hyuga x M!Reader Ch.5
After your match with Haku you were able to convince Kakashi to let you train with the Binding Snake Glare Summoning. At first you doubted that he would let you train since everything involving your dad had to remain a secret, but after seeing the potential in its use he let you train with the Naruto and the others as your partners.
The expressions Kakashi made while trying to decide on your training told you everything you need to know. He limited his body language and his uncovered eye focused on you as if he were trying to look through you. Eventually he ended up using you to help train the others with their Chakra control by having you chase them as they dashed through the trees while avoiding your capture.
The first one you captured was Sakura and she instantly started screaming once the snake you summoned had trapped her in its body. As usual she screamed for Sasuke to save her from you. She was far too noisy so you simply let her go if all she was going to do was scream.
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 36 7
Broken (Cheater RWBY X Male Reader) Part 1
 (Y/N) POV
  For once I was happy when I met a group of girls, Back when I first entered Beacon I didn't have a single friend with me, but that all changed when I met their team leader Ruby Rose, An energetic and cheerful girl, The next person was Weiss Schnee at first she was strict and bossy, but as soon as I got closer to her she was a very nice person next was the mysterious girl known Blake Belladonna, She had this very mysterious aura on her which intrigued me, She was quiet and doesn't talk much, but she had a side which I didn't know, She was very annoying when she wants something, but other than that she is a great person to talk. Next was Yang Xiao Long she was very cheerful and energetic like Ruby.
  When I met these girls my world became even more livelier and I had now a purpose to live in this wretched world of mine, these girls saved me from the abyss when I was about to break apart, I also met my team they helped me pieced my world up little b
:iconkirisunafan4life:KirisunaFan4Life 34 33
Blake Belladonna x M!Reader- My Muse Pt.2

Your turn to shine
The next day arrived in a rather charming fashion, with the birds singing their lovely melodies, the sun not too bright and even kids could be heard laughing outside the window
On weekends like this, you usually go hang out with your friends but they warned that they would be very busy...Conveniently all of them said it at the same time
You: *Yawn* Ahh...What a nice day to not be dead!- You announced while stretching a little
Then, your room's door opened to reveal Ivy L/N, your older sister. She is a tall young lady with green eyes and black hair.
She usually wears dark gray jeans with a black leather jacket and a pink blouse (Though she claims that it is lightish red).
Ivy: Good morning, sleeping beauty~ She greeted you with a mocking tone, as usual
You: Hello, sis! Did you sleep well?- You greeted back with a smile, which she found shocking
Her eyes widened in answer and she rushed to chek your temperature by putting her hand on
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 24 10
Konan x Male!Reader || Not Him
Konan x Male!Reader || Not Him
"(Y/n), we need to talk."
It was those dreaded words no one ever wants to hear, especially when they're in a relationship. They're the kind of words that spell trouble, that something terrible is about the happen. They're the words you hear when you're about to be broken up with.
The air was tense between the two as the blue haired kunochi stood in your room just across from you. You'd been polishing some kunai, but the words she'd spoke caused you to stop abruptly. You turned your head to gaze at your girlfriend, seeing her honey colored pools dripping with emotion. Your chest tightened at the sight, and you knew full-well what was to come. Her lips parted as she took a sharp intake of breath before speaking. "(Y/n), I know you love me, but I'm sick of lying when I say it back," she admitted.
It didn't come as much of a surprise to you. You'd been expecting this since you'd confessed to her, and she'd said she'd loved you as well. You'd known all
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 29 6
Mature content
Suave ( Midnight x Male!Villain!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 43 29
Blake Belladonna x M!Reader- My Muse

Someone Interesting
Remnant, a world filled with creatures known as Grimm, vicious monsters ready to destroy humanity and all of their creations. Truly the world was in need of heroes ready to step in and save us all...
Or at least, that would have been said by anyone a while ago, those monsters have been attacking, yes, but not as often as they used to, and this allowed people to rebuild and even better than before, including things like music and the least favorite of all things...
Dr. Oobleck: *Ahem* Mr. L/N, it seems that your attention is on the outside, care to share something with us?
You: Wha?- Oh, no, sorry
Dr. Oobleck: Well then, please pay attention to the class
You: Yes, sir- You tried to pay attention to the teacher's class, but it was pretty boring, to be honest
To think about all of the excitement and adventures that Remnant could house to those willing to take the risk and explore it, if only you had the chance to
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 40 23
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Finale!
Thank you all so much for reading! This is the final RWBY story I'm doing, and then I will FINALLY be updating my older stories to Volume 4! Thank you all for being patient with me!
Torchwick: ...Asher...
Asher: Hellooo little brother! I hear you're in a cell on a big ship!
Torchwick: How did you?-
Asher: Teehee! You're older brother is smarter than he looks!
Torchwick: That's a shocker...
Asher: Anyway, I might be able to help you get out of there little bro-
The line was cut off... Torchwick saw some kind of device in his hand.
Ironwood: I could hear that.
Torchwick: Believe me General, I didn't want to hear from that psychopath.
Torchwick tossed the scroll back to the General, and Torchwick's cell door was once again, closed...
Emerald: You wanted to see me ma'am?
Cinder: Yes... I want to ask you something.
Emerald: What is it?
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 41 32
Emerald x Male Reader! Love is priceless! Part 7
Sorry for the wait you guys!
After a few moments, you two broke off the kiss.
(y/n): W-wow...
Emerald: What?!
You were startled at Emerald raising her voice... You then noticed the blush on her face.
(y/n): N-nothing... I just wasn't expecting it.
Emerald: ...It wasn't bad... Was it?
You simply kissed her cheek with a smile on your face.
(y/n): Of course not Emerald...
She smiled as well, and she rested her head on your shoulders.
Emerald: I'm so happy you're here... I was beginning to think my time here would just be wasted on trying to make fake friends.
(y/n): Fake friends?
Emerald: ...Well, it's kinda a long st-
Cinder: Emerald.
You and Emerald turned your heads.
Emerald: Cinder!... What are you doing here?
Cinder: I was wondering why it was taking you so long.
Emerald: Oh...
Mercury popped up from behind Cinder.
Mercury: (y/n) and Emerald sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G!
Emerald: Will
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 46 98
Ana x Male!Reader || Reunion
Ana x Male!Reader || Reunion
Requested by: :iconatlasthebadass:
She believed he’d died when the explosion had occurred. It had been a simple mission, observe Talon’s movements in El Dorado, but it’d quickly gone wrong. They’d known of their plans to spy on them, and they’d set up a trap. As a result, Widowmaker had been there along with Reaper, and Sombra. The three had caused havoc in a short amount of time and successfully split the group up and began picking off agents. Then, a large explosion that was set off on accident when gunfire hit an explosive barrel set off a chain reaction. The Talon agents used it to flee as their base of operations was blasted to bits as several more explosions went off, and Ana could only watch as the place where her lover had been hiding was destroyed. She’d tried to go and dig him from the burning rubble, but she’d been dragged away by Jack as more explosions rang out through the air and smoke filled the air.
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 23 4
Hinata Hyuga x M!Reader Ch.4
After Kakashi’s fight with Zabuza, your team stayed at Tazuna’s house as you waited for Kakashi to recover.
Naruto: Umm…(Y/n)?
The blonde crawled over to you as you sat in the corner of the room.
Your (E/c) eyes shifted to him without saying a word. He seemed a bit nervous instead of his usual active self.
Naruto: Uh…It’s not that I mean to say anything bad, but…from the way you were talking before I thought you had fought against guys like Zabuza before so I just wanted to make sure you were ok.
(Y/n): I’m fine don’t worry. If anything else happens you can count on me.
Sasuke: Ha, tough talk from the guy who froze up while Naruto and I helped Kakashi.
Your eyes narrowed at the Sasuke as he mocked you.
(Y/n): This is my first time as a member of a team in years. After I showed my dad I could handle myself without any help, all of my missions were solo. The only reason I froze up was because I had to follow Kakashi’s orders after yea
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 40 16
Mature content
Apprehension (RWBY X Sadistic!MR) :iconbloodroses44:Bloodroses44 8 10
Apprehension (RWBY X Sadistic!MR)
Chapter 5: Despair
" " = Speaking
' ' = Thinking
Outfit: (f/c) SVE TheLees Mens slim fit chain point 3 button vest with a white dress shirt, (f/c) Saint Laurent Raw Denim Jeans, (f/c) Kenneth Cole New York Just-afiable dress shoes
WARNING: The content you will be viewing is dark and brutal. Viewer discretion is advised (not really, but you've been warned)
(Blake's Pov)
In the shower, thinking of ways to escape without any more injuries to myself... 'I'll need to kill him...' I twitched at the thought, then jumped slightly when there was a banging on the door.
"Get out! Water bill is gonna go high" (Y/n) yelled.
I turn the water off, and wrap a towel around my body. I get ready to open the door, when a loud crash was heard outside.
"What the hell!" (Y/n) seemed to yelp.
"Where is Blake?" A voice yelled.
I recognize that voice anywhere! Sun! Oh thank Oum-! I'm on the verge of tears as I swing the door open, only to find that Sun was being strangle
:iconbloodroses44:Bloodroses44 7 4
Mature content
Apprehension (RWBY X Sadistic!MR) :iconbloodroses44:Bloodroses44 8 22
Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 3
All went black... as night sky without stars. Why did i jump out to protect her?... i have no idea why.
Am i dead? i think to myself while my body wrapped by the darkness and feels like i'm falling without an end. I close my eyes in this already dark place.
Then a voice rings out.
I opened my eyes and found myself standing on a green field. In front of me there's a girl standing. My eyes widen as soon as i recognize the voice owner is.
(y/n) : Kurumi?
I dashed towards her and hug her tightly
(y/n) : i'm glad that you're okay...
She just grin then giggle.
Kurumi : kukuku... how's the feeling of being used (y/n)?
(y/n) : how many times do i have to say it?! i don't care if i'm being used... as long that it's you i don't mind
Kurumi : kukuku... you're really are stupid...but i didn't hate it... i would like to see more of your stupidity but this is our farewell
(y/n) : huh?
Kurumu : goodbye (y/n)...
She disappear in my hug. Making my hands shiver.
(y/n) :!!
:iconmrgalco:MrGaLcO 17 15
Hinata Hyuga x M!Reader Ch.3
You were strapped to a table with your arms and legs stretched out and tied down. Your eyes were being held open so you couldn’t even blink.
Orochimaru: I know this can’t be very comfortable (Y/n), but soon you will be so much more than you are now.
Your father’s laughter echoed in the operating room as Kabuto walked over and picked up one of the tools then held it against your chest.
The cold blade sent a chill through you and you clutched your hands shut.
Kabuto: Ready to start lord Orochimaru.
(Y/n): W-wait…You didn’t give me anything for the pain yet!
You screamed as you scratched the steel table as Kabuto traced the surgical tool over you.
Your father walked over with a smile and his yellow eyes narrowing on you. He raised his hand up to your head and brushed some your (H/l/c) hair off of your face.
Orochimaru: My dear boy, how can you hope to become stronger if you don’t experience any pain?
He hummed as he stepped away and let Kabut
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 35 11
Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.4
A few days had passed since you had seen Akeno with Issei. Your chest still tightened every time the image of them together entered your mind.
Rias was the only one who knew what happened since you had to explain why you attacked the Fallen Angel the way you did. Seeing her give you sympathetic looks whenever Akeno pampered either you or Issei was more than enough reason not to tell anyone else what you were going through. You didn’t want to look like some kid whose first crush had rejected him. That would’ve ben humiliating.
Recently you started thinking about asking out someone outside of Rias’ peerage since all the girls there were already interested in Issei as well, but no other girl you knew made you feel the way Akeno did.
For a while you thought you were obsessed with her, but since she wasn’t aware of what you had seen, she continued to treat you the same as always and you didn’t feel anything against her. You were happy that she hadn’t left
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 46 12




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